Recycling the shipping containers can plastic picnic plates set

Recycling the shipping containers can plastic picnic plates set save the earth’s energy resources. A container that is 8000 pounds of steel requires 8000 kwh of energy to melt down. But if it is modified and turned into a campus studio, apartment, housing or any other type of shelter, will only take 400 kwh or 5% of electrical energy.

Rather than abandoning these large steel creation and destroying them-which can also damage the earth-engineers, architects and other experts are finding other use for these containers. In European countries, the shipping containers are compiled and constructed to build three or four storey campus housing, community housing, and apartment studios. Some are even turned into an office building.

All these innovations are complete with facilities and amenities. Mind you, each design is unique, stylish and very attractive. So, if you are apt for turning an ordinary container into a storage container, you have to do a few things.

First, find a place where you will install or put up the storage container. Measure the land area available so you can compare it with the length of the shipping container. Ensure that the land area is larger than the container.

Prepare it by leveling up the ground. Clear the area of bushes, trees and other plants such as weeds, and rocks, pebbles and stumps. The targeted area should be plain ground. Start your area or floor planning. Using tools such as steel tape measure, chalk line marker and framing square, lay out the footprint of your portable storage container.

Your layout should be square. Check the diagonals in between corners to ensure that they are uniform in length. To mark the spots for your railroad ties, you can drive stakes into each corner and all sides of the middle.

Spreading a 6-inch bed of gravel will extend a foot beyond the stakes in all directions. The outer ties should be inside your corner stakes, and make sure the middle tie is centered between the middle stakes.

Prepare your shipping container. You can ask your dealer to deliver it directly into the site. Clean it of any rust, dust and dirt. Use a pressure wash if you need to. After drying, plan your door, windows and other openings you require. Use an angle grinder to cut it out.

Spray the exterior with ceramic insulation coating to reduce the interior temperature by 20 degrees. Also, mask the openings. Frame the interior. Use studs on the floor and ceiling of your storage container. Use fiberglass insulation to fill the space between studs. A construction adhesive will fasten your paneling to the studs. Then install your windows and doors, after you have built frames on each opening.

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